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PROJECT Model Elaboration for Promotion and Analysis of Italian Family Business – Statistics for Family Business

The strategic and economic role played by family businesses in Italy is not yet supported by a structured set of statistical analysis and evaluations. In other terms, the great potential of this kind of business is strongly underestimated. The project Model Elaboration for Promotion and Analysis of Italian Family Business stems from the need of credible, comparable and systematic information on the role of the family businesses in Italian economy. Therefore, the overall objective is to provide policy-makers and relevant stakeholders with statistical information and indicators about family businesses in Italy. The project foresees the elaboration of a statistic model and tools for data collection about FBs in Italy. Starting from a quantitative evaluation of this phenomenon, we will use quantitative and qualitative analysis and satellite accounts in order to analyze the specific contribution given by FBs on the national economic system in terms of demand for goods and services, operational interface with the supply of goods and services within the same economy of reference (like agriculture, housing, banking etc.), the economic performance within the economy, the amount of goods and services produced and the employment generated. They evaluate the sector in terms of its contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) , jobs, capital investment and tax revenues, and its role in the balance of payment.
On the bases of these methodologies, the project will elaborate a model for data collection of FBs, which will be tested in Veneto as prototype and then, in a near future, at national level. This pilot project represent a specific assessment of these tools, in a region where FBs represent, for cultural and social aspects, a key component of the entire economic system.
Finally, great emphasis will be given to the dissemination phase: the final scope of the project is to provide results and statistical data about FB to decision makers, stakeholders and institutions, offering usable and practical information.


Statistic model and economic indicators for analysis about family businesses

The specific objective of the project Model Elaboration for Promotion and Analysis of Italian Family Business is create a Veneto Observatory on FB embedded into UCV system and elaborate a statistic model for data collection and analysis about FBs. The core idea of the project is to adapt the methodology used by AUB Observatory in Milan onto the specific context of Veneto Region and Italian North-East. The Observatory aims to enhance the knowledge about the processes of management and governance of family businesses in order to be a point of reference for entrepreneurs and scholars. The Observatory wants to represent the state of the art in terms of empirical knowledge on major family businesses in our country.

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Veneto Observatory on Family Businesses
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