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Unioncamere – Eurosportello del Veneto

Unioncamere del Veneto is the association of the 7 Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the Veneto Region. Unioncamere supports and promotes the regional economic system by facilitating the relationships among the Veneto Regional Government and  the other Local Authorities.  Its strategic function has become even more significant since the  transfer of the political, regulatory and administrative powers to the Regions.
Unioncamere supports the simplification of relationships among enterprises and Public Administrations, creates opportunities in the fields of Research and Education and promotes initiatives supporting the economic development of the Veneto Region and the internationalization process of SMEs.
Within the framework of the Coordination Policies and Institutional Relations  Department, the Study Office carries out researches both on economic and social aspects, surveys on regional enterprises,  analysis and processing of the collected data on which the Study Office draws up periodical publications.

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Unioncamere Veneto Economic and Social Research Centre

The Unioncamere Veneto Economic and Social Research Centre (hereafter Research Centre) has, since fifty years, an important role in the production and diffusion of statistic and economic information on a regional level, through the realization of studies and researches either autonomously and in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, Local Boards, Categories Associations, Universities, Research Institutes, technological Laboratories and more boards (most of them belonging to the National Statistical System), thus involving experts working in the different economic sectors.
As foreseen by its own Statute, Unioncamere Veneto realizes ,through the Research Centre, studies, observatories and economic-statistic publications, providing a data base able to help and support enterprises, institutions and economic operators in their decision process, a determining factor for the local development.
Having as a priority this purpose, the activity of the Research Centre is oriented in the enhancing of the patrimony of information coming from the Chambers, as well as in realizing researches and observatories for monitoring the main economic sectors.
In consideration of the activities run and of the results achieved, since January 2004, the Research Centre was included in the National Statistical System (SISTAN), an important recognition for Unioncamere, thus becoming the first Regional Private Board entering in the National Statistical System.
The main goal of the Research Centre is providing information instruments concerning regional economy to help and support enterprises, local institutions and economic operators in the choice of the best practices for the regional economic development, and in the resolution of problems connected to European Internal Market , globalization and internationalization.
Main activities
The research Centre activities concern the following areas: Surveys,Studies and Researches.
The surveys area includes all the activities related to collect information on the local enterprises.
The study area concern the analysis and the elaboration of the data collected in the investigations as well as in official and non official statistical sources (Istat, Ist. Tagliacarne, Infocamere, Enel, Veneto Region, Inps, Min.Trasporti, Min. Attività Produttive, Min. Interno).
The results are collected in periodical publications an reports. They are available in the paper format and on following three web sites:
The research area concerns the analysis and research on regional economy and public finance run occasionally in collaboration with the Studies and Statistic Departments of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce and with other boards. The Research Centre realized a specific project to collect and to spread the results of the work done: the so called “Quaderni di Ricerca” (Research Books), a periodical publication which is available in the paper format as well in the web site, in both cases for free.

Economic and Social Research Centre


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